Could be… Worcester

Tournament preparation. It all starts by knowing you’ll be attending to one.

Thankfully, at Corus our coaches have scheduled an indoor handicap-adjusted league to which all members can attend.

Through this plan, we get to experience the tension of a tournament and the different possible indoor rounds.

This morning we turned up to meet the eye-catching black and white faces lined up and ready to welcome our excellent shooting.


Yes, that’s exactly right, excellent shooting – because each time you show up in front of the target and commit to the training, no matter what the score will be, the result will always be a good one.

Commit to the training,
shoot with intent,
listen to your coach.

The Worcester is a 5-arrows-end round, so a bit different than classic indoor rounds characterized by 3 arrows end.

You get to shoot the first 30 arrows on a target face and then switch target for the following 30 to the other lower/upper face.

I personally get a very distant taste of Field Archery there, but that’s about how far I would dare to go in comparing the two.

We all have ups and downs, but to me is always rewarding when you see members’ skills getting better and better.
Why rewarding? Because we are all in this (archery struggle) together.
And we saw some really excellent shooting this morning – see below .

(Great  job there Gerry – Olympic Style Recurve shooting – not any fancy compound one)

My personal bright side in all of this? First Worcester, personal best. Couldn’t be any better.

See you on the line.

Susan on the Welsh Team

Our team member, Susan Thompson has shown the club another place where women can achieve more than men. We are proud and delighted to announce she’s officially made it into the Senior Welsh Team and will represent our country at the next Commonwealth Archery Championship Europe (

Susan’s shooting career has been an ever-growing one. She has started not long ago, and after achieving the Bowman Classification last year, she has been constantly improving her scores knocking out those golden targets with persistence.

We’ve asked her some questions, for you to enjoy.

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Have-a-go was a great success

Many thanks to those who helped during the Have-A-Go session on Sunday.

It was a roaring success with great feedback for those that participated.

Here is some feedback:

Many thanks to you and fellow volunteers yesterday. William very much enjoyed the experience of shooting at the targets. Hopefully he may pursue Archery as time goes by, but more probably here in the Wirral. But you all certainly gave him a good taste of it. – Geoff


Thank you so much for a lovely morning, we all really enjoyed it. – Kate

We now have a full Beginners Course as 7 participants signed up on the back of the course and 4 parents have also signed up.

Brief History of the club

Corus (Deeside) Archery Club has been in Shotton for over 50 years.

We have gone by several names during that time including John Summers and British Steel Archers.

We have been on the current grounds at Rowley’s Drive since it was used as British Steel’s Sports and Social Club, when the company helped sustain the club whilst we didn’t charge membership fees to British Steel employees.

When British Steel was sold to Corus, we became Corus (Deeside). Since then Corus has cut ties with the club but we retain the name until we see the need to change it (and we find a fitting replacement).

We have always supported our archers, some of whom have gone on to tournament winning careers shooting for county and for Wales.