Ever shot an arrow before?

Big success for the annual Have-a-Go  that the club held in occasion of the Start Archery Week on Sunday the 22nd of May.

Some times, you might discover you have a natural talent (3 Xs on the Have-a-Go)

Short sessions intrigued tens of participants into the tension of the bow, the shooting of some arrows and the ever-lasting attempt of hitting the gold.

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Single/Double Worcester 2022 Results

It was a morning like the others.

With a cold breeze, the mist over the marshlands near the river Dee was leaving the spot to timid rays of sun.

We woke up, and a strange feeling in our stomach was calling for something special today.

We got ready, with greater awareness than the other times, and our thoughts began to take shape. Form. The Form. That Feeling. That unique unmistakable feeling.

So the day began.

Tournament preparations

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