The Club Championship

Hello hello,
crispy news!
(this is an email that previously circulated among the club’s mailing list)

Sunday 14th of August, will be the Club Championship.
What will the Corus Club Championship be?

We’d like to make it a special day, where on top of the usual shooting, we can enjoy archery little bit longer, have food together (a BBQ) all mixed to the pleasantry of extending the invite to your closest family. The event, is expected to run from 10am up about 3-4pm when it will close with the awards ceremony.

The day would seek to elect “The Champions” – the best archer of each group.

Hence, we’ll have a shoot (of course) but we are also planning to cook some butties for a tasty afternoon. You can bring cakes, if you’re good at it – we can thoroughly judge that 🙂 – but the butties will be covered by the club.

You can read further down
– the categories
– the rounds to shoot
– the food
– the volunteers
– registering

Do you want to become a club champion?

[senior group – ladies will compete against gents]
(Senior Member = member of the club for more than 1 year)
– Senior Member Compound
– Senior Member Barebow
– Senior Member Recurve
[novice group]
(Novice member = member of the club for less than 1 year)
– Novice member Ladies
– Novice member Gents
[novice juniors group]
(Novice junior member = member of the club for less than 1 year and less than 18y old)
– Novice Junior member Ladies
– Novice Junior member Gents
Rounds to shoot
[senior group]
National – Imperial Scoring – (72 arrows)  4 dozs at 60 yds and 2 dzs at 50 yds
[novice group]
252 at 25 yards – Imperial scoring – (36 arrows) 3 dozs at 25 yards
[novice juniors group]
252 at 15 yards – Imperial scoring – (36 arrows) 3 dozs at 15 yards


The food

We want and try to cater a “butty” for everyone, so if we are missing something out, special needs or requirements please excuse us, don’t be shy and let us know (via email).

Again, we’d like you explicitly inform us of any special need you may have in regards to food, so we can cater for everyone in the best and safest possible way.


We’re trying to arrange times so volunteers can shoot in the championship as well. But still, this can only happen if we have volunteers. As you’re welcome to bring a close member of your family, anyone is welcome to volunteer (if you can please let us know in advance).

Volunteers wanted for
– [  ] cooking on the grill
– [  ] prepare/deliver beverages/food
– [  ] set up and down field and help with cleaning

Registering to the event

On a day, 32 azure shirts were on the field. If you bring your closest member of the family along, we might be a little more. Letting us know you intend to come, and what food you would like to have, will help us be ready and reduce any waste.

We can review/accept any food request up to the 11th of august, but we’d like you to let us know if you are happy to attend as soon as possible:
– [  ] attending
– [  ] volunteer (please specify who and which category you can help with)
Be in touch,
Be ready,
Quiver from excitement.
See you soon.