At the Club, a pool of coaches work together to deliver a sound, consistent and also specialized coachingĀ  to all members.

Under the seasoned direction of the Head Coach, Pete Pendrey, with more than 50 years of “service” on the field of Archery and an impressive CV, the team delivers 2 types of coaching:

– a continuous and foundational coaching
– a dedicated coaching for developing archers to their next level

Continuous coaching

Only one element follows the archer along a lifetime journey: the Basics. The building blocks of the shot cycles, are the principal elements that need to be sound shot after shot to ensure consistency. When archers begin their career, it’s most important to get the basics right and create a solid framework that will help them improve through the time. Even the most experienced archers, to improve their shots, simply fall back to reviewing their Basic 8 steps:

  • 1. stance
  • 2. nocking the arrow
  • 3. hands on the bow
  • 4. prepare to raise
  • 5. raise
  • 6. draw
  • 7. anchoring
  • 8. follow through

The Friday Coaching sessions, that the Club delivers, are aimed at that. Novices, fresh of a beginners course are followed along this program for the first months, but every member is welcome to join the session and get their technique reviewed by trained coaches.

Dedicate coaching

Once the basics are sound, and archers have achieved respectable shooting results, the eye of a coach becomes a necessity for improving technique andĀ  scoring. Often, to progress on the journey, it’s required to learn. We do that not only by practice, but also by studying. How does the equipment we work with is designed to function? And this refers not only to the bow, but also to the archer’s body itself.

In a dedicated program, an archer or a group of archers are assigned to a coach and a program of an indicative duration of a couple of months, is devised. During this time, “students” will work in conjunction with their coaches.

If you wish to learn more about this, ask at the club to any of the coaches.

The Feather and Arrow Awards

Destined primarily for the Indoor season, where a roof on our heads provides the ideal environment for teaching, the Feather (junior) and Arrow (senior) Awards are both a new set of badges to acquire and a way for the archer to strengthen technique and knowledge.

If you wish to receive dedicate coaching or to participate in the feather/arrow awards program, write a line to the Head Coach.