Friday Coaching Evenings

During the outdoor season, every Friday evening from 6pm until 7.30pm the club will run coaching session. Every member is welcome to participate.

As every experienced archer knows, shooting alone will never get you on top of the list.

Technique is the tool we use to achieve consistency and good consistency can only come by shooting in the right way. So, what little movements are you making different from one shot to another? Which muscles should you engage to shoot properly for longer times?

At the coaching night you get to shoot, receive directions on how to improve your form and benefit from coach eyes dedicated at reviewing your technique.


Archery is all about reviewing in an endless loop the basics, the pillars of the shot cycle in the aim of improving one element of our form after another.

If you are building a house, you can’t start from the roof. First you lay down good foundation, and you build things from the ground up – Pete Pendrey,  Head Coach

It is true that after years of experience and shooting, you will find the key secrets to a good shot in your beginners manual.

Good attendance last Friday at the Coaching session

It’s also important to keep a journal, to note down progress, coaching notes and changes in our bow setup, so we can review back what led to variations in our results.

Every club member is welcomed to join. Just bring your bow, and bring pen and paper to note down the key you’ll want to remember down the line.


See you on the line