Ever shot an arrow before?

Big success for the annual Have-a-Go  that the club held in occasion of the Start Archery Week on Sunday the 22nd of May.

Some times, you might discover you have a natural talent (3 Xs on the Have-a-Go)

Short sessions intrigued tens of participants into the tension of the bow, the shooting of some arrows and the ever-lasting attempt of hitting the gold.

For coaches and experienced archers is always a chance to learn. You improve your scores not just by shooting but also by observing other people’s shooting and understanding the mechanics of this beautiful sport.

We’ve heard screams of happiness. Beheld some really young archers trying their first arrows, and spectated Coach Richard’s mastery (one of our most recent “graduates”) in guiding them through the shot process.

There’s always something to learn from the youngest, as getting into the proper alignment is often a natural and instinctive skill.

Not rarely we are left speechless, impressed by the grace with how simply some arrows get delivered into their most desirable destination by this first-timers.

For the great joy this event brought, thanks are due to the organizers (in particular to Patrick and Pete) and all the members of the club that made it possible.

So what’s next?

The natural process of getting into archery consists in learning its safety rules, the different styles and bow types while shooting some arrows on a weekend-long Beginners Course. Then, after a successful attendance, you will be invited to join the club.

We will also run more Have-a-Go sessions during the year, if you want to just try it out for shorter period of, so stay tuned.

(if you really are impatient about archery, feel free to drop us an email here  – we will get back to you as soon as possible)


See you on the line