Just an ordinary Sunday shooting…

Sunday’s at 10am is always the best time to gather altogether at the club, shoot some arrows, and have a pleasant time on the field. A few words, some stretch of the muscles, and we are ready to focus and train.

Club members on the line

A clement sun, like the one we had today, can turn a simple morning into a gorgeous archery time and make shooting arrows even more enjoyable.

Corus Archery members on a sunday morning
Corus Archery members on a Sunday morning

It’s always good to see people gather on the shooting line and share burden and happiness of the training. It’s also a time for maintenance (thanks to our resourceful Master Equipment Officer Trevor), and a time to learn how to promptly set up the field and be more and more organized as the club grows by.


You can improve your skills, make new friends,  test your new equipment or challenge yourself in the (what I find one of the most satisfactory activity in archery) search of missing arrows.


Next Sunday anyone can come and attend special Have-a-Go sessions that our club will run in participation of the national Start Archery Week – for more information, read here.

If you want to start archery, or introduce someone new to the sport, don’t miss that out!

See you on the line.