New coaches

The club grew last weekend with 3 new coaches. Angelo, Ged and Richard completed their two months long coaching journey to become official level 1 session coaches.

Along with Pete, Patrick, Colin and Mark, the club is now in a better position to welcome new members and help everyone grow to be a better archer.

The Level 1 course, was held in the wonderful venue of Goldcrest Archers in Hyde (wonderful venue) by the most competent Fiona German-Lloyd, Graham Norris and Joyce Harrison over four full day sessions.

Session Coach Course (archery) images
Learning the challenge of various situations

Our archers have learned the importance of observation, of sharing their findings with other coaches and the importance of reaching decisions as a group of coaches rather than just telling archers just “how it should be”.

A very important aspect has also been the learning of the ABC of Empowering Archery, a framework of principles to deliver better engaging sessions and improve our way of teaching. The course was also an occasion for the participants to meet the brilliant coach development manager Lloyd Brown who delivered this innovative approach to make us all better coaches.

Well done to everyone.