Single/Double Worcester 2022 Results

It was a morning like the others.

With a cold breeze, the mist over the marshlands near the river Dee was leaving the spot to timid rays of sun.

We woke up, and a strange feeling in our stomach was calling for something special today.

We got ready, with greater awareness than the other times, and our thoughts began to take shape. Form. The Form. That Feeling. That unique unmistakable feeling.

So the day began.

Tournament preparations

Sunday the 27th of March we finally got to shoot an official UK Record Status Worcester at the indoor venue of our archery club, hammering that single white spot as much as we could.

People gathered over two sessions thanks to the blessed efforts of the club in preparing this beautiful event.

Our senior coach, Pete Pendrey, organized the parties as we laid out the range on Saturday afternoon, marked as best as we could the field (certainly leaving room for improvement… as I would say) and produced the equipment to host this single/double event.

You know, it’s never about competition but rather more about the chance to test your skills in an official environment. Sometimes you need to review how a new “release” will perform during a tournament, some times is your new string walking, some times you “just” need to up your mind game. And all we need is a tournament where we can practice that.

We saw some fantastic archers today, new promises of the sport and some I personally hope to see on the sport channel in a couple of years. All of this, cheerfully and precisely regulated by the two supportive and fantastic judges Ian Ashworth and Dave Alcock (it never ceases to amaze me the style with which the rules are directed and maintained).

So through glitches, ends, unexpected shots, usual struggles, knowledgeable conversations, smiles, laughs and unforgettable hugs, we made it through.

Thanks to our chairman Mark for hosting the event, all the committee members for making it possible.

Thanks to Phil for his photography skills.

Thanks to Ged, our guide and gauge and the wizardly artifacts.

Thanks to Helen for keeping our (mine especially) caffeine levels up 🙂

Thanks to Patrick and Oliwia and Abbie for helping with the scoring and equipment.

Thanks to our secretary Colin for the strong spirit that pushes us forward and of course thanks to all the irreplaceable members of the club that helped today.

I hope you enjoyed it all.

We want more, I know, we want more.

See you on the line,

PS: yes yes… the results: RESULTS-WORCESTER-SINGLE-DOUBLE-2022-1