Club Days

Back to outdoors shooting (on Wednesday and Sundays) is what we needed.

Sunday turned into a bright summer day, intermittently clouded and refreshed by a cooling wind.

With the new Covid 19 safety policies, archers diligently booked their time slot, showed up, and had their owed share of fun.

We appreciate the efforts in these tougher times, of all who contributed by taking their equipment out and put it away respecting social distancing, keeping 2 and even more metres apart.

All using gloves, sanitizing their hands and waering their ppe whenever required. And for that, we are thankful.

Personally, as an extra measure after everything was set up for my turn, and despite using gloves, I sanitize my hands as well using the club’s gel, put available to everyone’s additional safety.

You know, being a barebow shooter, I’m like a toddler – at every arrow I must stick my fingers in my nose – ops… mouth! I did say mouth!

Targets are now far apart from each other, and only one household shoots at a target, but from a distance, our coaches dispensed their blessed tips on how to improve our game.
Although distance (according to official studies) reduces considerably the possibility of infection, it is by following official guidelines and be mindful of the risks that we can get back to practice and properly enjoy our favourite sport.

Other good news too is that in line with the ease of restrictions Archery Gb now allows for indoor shooting (not yet applicable to Wales). Phase 2 of Returning to Archery is officially on, and key guidelines have been released.

Key takeaways:

  • always wearing facemasks while indoors (except when shooting)
  • minimum distance between target centres of 2 metres
  • more than 1 archer per target allowed but shooting in single details.

    Please read the full news here:

Return to Competition  ⚔️

There is also a Summer Virtual Tournament, for those willing to participate.

    • Short Metric – 50mt + 30mt for seniors
    • Short Metric III – 30mt + 20mt for novices (archers with less than 1 year of experience)
    • …and many others for juniors too!

Read about the tournament here: Archery Gb Summer Metrics Virtual Tournament

Torunament of the Restart (Italy – Video)

In the meanwhile, last week, Italy held their first World Archery tournament after the lockdown. You can all enjoy this with subtitles if you wish, and appreciate the covid-19 measures where everyone, even outdoors, is wearing facemasks (except for archers actively shooting).

(Tip: you can use youtube subtitles and auto translation)


Keep up the Good Game,