Club Days

Back to outdoors shooting (on Wednesday and Sundays) is what we needed.

Sunday turned into a bright summer day, intermittently clouded and refreshed by a cooling wind.

With the new Covid 19 safety policies, archers diligently booked their time slot, showed up, and had their owed share of fun.
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Archery Handicap System, mini-round during the lockdown

This past winter, I’ve been studying a lot scoring and the classification system and thanks to the expertise of our fellow members, I’ve discovered the handicap system. In a very simplistic sentence,

the handicap system gives you a representation of your current ability that spans universally across all round types

If your handicap is for example 47, or 82, it will very much likely be that on a WA1440, on a WA50 or on a Stafford (see the footnotes).

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