Bunny Shoot Tournament (Easter Monday)

Easter is going to be fun again . New archery event is coming to the Deeside on the 13th of April (Easter Monday).
On Monday, Corus Deeside Archery Club will host a local open tournament at the practice field in CH5 1PU, Rowley’s Dr, Shotton.

Run by our club, the shoot will consists of three options, depending on age and experience.

A Western for seniors, a Junior Western and a Bunny Western for juniors. We invite beginners of any age to experience the fun by participating to any round.

The Bunny Western will consists of 4 dozen arrows at 15 yards plus 4 dozen arrows at 10 yards.

Prizes for senior on the Western and prizes for juniors on the junior rounds will consists of Easter Eggs.

The location, is the scenic and historical field of Shotton Steel RFC, in Rowley’s Dr, Shotton, Deeside CH5 1PU, also known as the summer meeting point of our club.

The tournament is organised by Mr Angelo Maragna.

If you wish to participate at this tournament, here is the more detailed entry form here

Entry Form 2020-04-13 Easter Western V1.2

Registration is open until 4th of April 2020.