The Archery Academy

One of the perks of being part of this club, is belonging to the North Wales Archery Society.
Once a month, the North Wales Archery Society holds in Trefnant the Archery Academy, as set of recurring events aimed at improving archer’s quality.

Last Sunday, was my first day at the Academy and I was very positively impressed. A good number of people showed up, and the shooting line looked initially quite crowded. Despite the number, as my first lesson turned out to be, the Academy has potential to host even more trainee.

Despite the number, in fact, every one was followed by a coach.

Being “followed” means you have someone help you getting where you want to be. Means having someone trained in reviewing other archer’s form, someone who will checking your shot cycle and will help you improve your accuracy.

A coach, is not necessarily a person that can shoot better than you do, neither a person that has been in archery longer than you have.
If that would be the case, world record shooters wouldn’t have a coach right?

I believe that a coach is a person that follows your practice and is trained to help you improve.
He or she is there to work with you but is for you and you alone to work the improvement.

So, the fantastic opportunity offered by the Academy is yet another opportunity to shoot, meet new amazing people, share experiences and improve.