“Keep your head still!”

New year, new achievements.

Time to celebrate three new coaches at our club.
Last Sunday Gareth, Mark and Sean completed successfully the Archery GB course and became Level 1 coaches.

Archery is a passion and seeing fellow members growing in knowledge and technique, is as rewarding as improving any personal score.

When knowledge increases and spreads around, it then improves everyone else’s shooting technique. It’s natural process that happens through helpful conversations, form reviews but most important, through the attentive eye of a coach.

If you want to become a top shooter, you need passion. And you need a coach.

It’s been a pleasure and a source of inspiration watching coaches-to-be review their lessons and practice for the exam.

The club has now bigger capacity to follow and teach beginners and committed archers. Once again, is a matter of prestige and a reason to cheer.
New training programs will follow, so if you still have not, come and join us.

Again, well well done coach Gareth, Mark and Sean!