The Club Championship

Hello hello,
crispy news!
(this is an email that previously circulated among the club’s mailing list)

Sunday 14th of August, will be the Club Championship.
What will the Corus Club Championship be?

We’d like to make it a special day, where on top of the usual shooting, we can enjoy archery little bit longer, have food together (a BBQ) all mixed to the pleasantry of extending the invite to your closest family. The event, is expected to run from 10am up about 3-4pm when it will close with the awards ceremony.

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What-a-thrill, Head-2-Head

If we watch archery competitions on the telly, we (nearly) always see two archers competing against each other. One shoots an arrow, and then the other replies back.

Shooting a Head-2-Head down in Corus

They alternate, they shoot 3 arrows each, and then they call the scores.

Well, that’s what it’s called a Head-2-Head, and it’s a fundamental part of the practice, in becoming comfortable during a competition.

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Buying your First Bow

Archery is exciting and with it, comes the desire of getting your own equipment as soon as possible. We highly recommend that you get your equipment under the guidance of a senior coach.

This wonderful sport, is a deep rabbit hole, and could become daunting to choose your first bow. What’s your draw length? Are you allowed to use a plunger? Can you use a dampener, and if so, what type should you go for?

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Club’s Coaches

With a combination of experience from many years of shooting and the recognized training of the formal governing body ArcheryGB, Corus Deeside Archery Club provides a pool of coaches to follow the archers in their discovering journey of archery.
With the help of a coach, through basic coaching and dedicated 1 to 1 development programs archers of all experience can expedite their improvement.

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At the Club, a pool of coaches work together to deliver a sound, consistent and also specialized coaching  to all members.

Under the seasoned direction of the Head Coach, Pete Pendrey, with more than 50 years of “service” on the field of Archery and an impressive CV, the team delivers 2 types of coaching:

– a continuous and foundational coaching
– a dedicated coaching for developing archers to their next level

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Try Target Archery

The next set of events where you can come down at the range and experience the challenges, fun and many aspects of this wonderful sport have a new schedule:

  • Sunday the 10th of July from 10.15am till 12.00
  • Sunday the 7th of August from 10.15am till 1200
  • Sunday the 11th of September from 10.15am till 1200

On these days the club will run Taster Sessions where you can use the club’s equipment and enjoy archery for 1 hour at the cost of 10£. You will be guided in the most basic and safe procedures and get you shooting on a target under the supervision of our experienced coaches.


See you soon.

Beginners Course waiting list

If you’ve been on this site recently, you’ll have seen that we closed the beginners course application sign up.

Our next Beginners Course is full so any applications now will be handled as a waiting list. When a new course is scheduled we’ll contact anyone who’s put their name on the list to see if the scheduled dates are convenient.

We cannot say yet when the next beginners course will be. It’ll be down to several factors.

  • How any current beginners have integrated into the club and are now self-sufficient.
  • Venue availablilty
  • number of people on the waiting list

If you wish to be added to the waiting list please sign up here.

Corus Progress Awards Scheme

The club runs a special 252 award scheme for members of the club with shorter distance to engage people with bows at any poundage level.
The scheme is called Corus Progress Awards scheme (CPA for short).

The objective of the scheme is to provide a recognition of initial skills and a safe indicator whether the archer is ready to shoot at longer distances.

The so pursued 252 Badges (picture of stamps, might slightly differ in the originals, but you know… these are the ones)

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